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 After 5pm bookings for that same day are not possible because the preperation time of the ladies

Pictures? Yes, of course there're pictures of all the ladies.
Some women want to see pictures, but some women really don't, so they're not on the website, by default. Feel free to ask for it!

Note that most of the ladies choose to not be recognizable on the pictures because of stigma.


Hi there gorgeous being, my name is Nausicaä, but you can call me Nousha.  
I'm half Dutch/half American and in my early thirties.
I’ve been with De Stoute Vrouw longer than any of the other naughty creatures and still love every minute of it. Connecting to another human in such an intimate way, listening to how you experience life, hearing about your background, your culture, discovering your body, discovering your pleasure: to me this comes much closer to what life’s meant to be about than sitting in front of a screen or trading cryptocurrency.
When I’m not busy pleasing a beautiful woman like yourself, I love to dance, hike in nature, read, and cuddle my two adorable evil demon cats.
My background is in psychology and academia but in the past years I’ve become increasingly interested in psychedelics and spirituality.
I have long brown hair, seductive blue eyes, and a slender, feminine body. I am sweet and tender, caring and sincere. Wouldn’t you like to find out whether I’m also a little bit naughty?

Piercings: no
Tattoos: no

Bookings: 6 hours in advance

Languages: Dutch, English

Trans people are welcome

Location:  Amsterdam


‘‘Creating a beautiful moment together, to look back on, with a smile upon your face...

What goes through you mind, if you read this?
Dine together, taking a warm bath, or enjoy a good glass of wine.
Or to experience a nice sexual tention, and to be intimate together within your boundaries.

I like it, when you surprise me, show me what you like. If you prefer me to take the lead, I am happy to do so. I will make sure that you are comfortable and able to enjoy that what you have been dreaming about for so long.
It will surprise you how natural it will feel...

Curious about how I look? I am a beautiful, tall, slim women and 30 years old. Long brown hair with blue eyes. Highly educated, I like arts and crafts, I am spiritual and sensitive but I can be fierce as well ;)"

Kiss, Scarlett

Piercings: yes
Tattoos: no

Languages: Dutch, English

Bookings: 6 hours in advance

Location: de Meern


"I told my eyes all my life to see beauty everywhere – and, let me tell you, they really do: that is my call; with Eros as fire in my soul and my hips, my whole body is eager to court you with the deeper respect: only if you please. Consent is perennial key.

And if you’re a bit afraid, there’s no need to refrain, let’s go slowly, and check on the way.

May a massage roll out our road, or maybe a warm dance wake up your dream.

Whether your desire is urban or wild, mine is wrapped around your lips, willing to follow your beat.

Nyx is my name, and I am almost thirty years of age. My body is slender, and my flowing locks are long and brown. My hair grows as freely, just as my heart smiles.

Out of my palms, if you feel like it, you will receive Reiki as well. From my tarot deck, if you dare, fluttering cards poised to reveal their portents.

I am a playful and queer being: I delight in toys, different roles, welcoming, and giving too. And whether you approach with implacable hunger, shy curiousity, or fun-loving confidence, I hope you remember, I’m here not to judge.

Behind the foliage of this proud femme you may find the hard contours of masculine as well, hidden from view in this binary world.I'm here, I'm gentle, I am wild; let's caress and roar for the times that rise.

Now, will you let me blow some magic on your neck, sweetheart?"

Chiedo da sempre ai miei occhi di vedere la Bellezza ovunque, ed è questo ciò che fanno: questa è la mia chiamata; l'Eros mi è fuoco, nello spirito e nelle anche, e il mio corpo, tutto, brama corteggiarti, nel più profondo Rispetto: solo se se lo desideri. Il Consenso è perenne chiave.

E se è un po' di paura quella che senti, non c'è bisogno di trattenersi, possiamo andare piano, e tastare il terreno lungo la via.

Un massaggio potrà aprirci la strada, o forse una calda danza potrà risvegliare i sogni.

Che il tuo desiderio sia urbano o selvatico, il mio è avvolto attorno alle tue labbra, determinato a seguire il tuo battito.

Nyx è il mio nome, e quasi trenta sono i miei anni. Il mio corpo è snello, e la mia fluente chioma è lunga e castana. La mia peluria cresce libera, così come libero il mio cuore sorride. Dai miei palmi, se lo vorrai, potrai ricevere il Reiki. Dal mio mazzo di tarocchi, se oserai, carti svolazzante saranno pronte a rivelare i loro portenti.Sono un'essere queer e giocoso: mi diletto con giocattoli e ruoli differenti, dando come accogliendo. E sia che il tuo approccio giunga con implacabile fame, timida curiosità, o fiducia divertita e stuzzicante, spero tu possa ricordarti che io non sono qui per giudicare.

Dietro al fogliame di questa fiera femme potrai trovare anche la durezza che contorna la mascolinità, nascosta dallo sguardo di questo mondo binario.

Sono qui. Sono gentile. Sono selvatica. Sono pronta ad accarezzarti e a ruggire, per il tempo che sarà.

Ed ora, posso sussurrare un po' di magia sul tuo collo, sweetheart?


Tattoos: yes
Piercings: no

Languages: English, Italian (native), Portuguese (brasileiro), Castilian, French (en peu rouillé)


Bookings: 6 hours in advance

Trans people are welcome 

Location Utrecht


“What would it be like to have your fantasies come true?

I would like to show you new experiences. Let you discover sides of yourself that you never knew before. My full attention is with you.  

Whether it's your first time or your hundredth time. With me you can be who you are. I enjoy creating new experiences, I am interested and creative and I like to use my creativity to respond to your intimate and sexual desires.

Making contact, realizing your fantasies, and respecting your boundaries are important to me.

Experiencing bdsm is also possible with me, at your pace. The use of toys and different types of scenarios are all possible. Let me guide you and we will turn it into a beautiful game.  

I am in my early 40's , half Spanish, am non-binairy, had top surgery, and used testosterone for a while, so I now look exactly like how I feel inside. I have short dark hair and brown eyes.

I have a University degree, with a passion for art, and my queer identity is important to me in daily life.

I'm looking forward to meet you"

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: yes
, many

Languages: Dutch, English

Bookings: 6 hours in advance

Trans people are welcome

 Location The Hague (Den Haag)


VALERIE: (temporarily unavailable)

"Even if you're familiar with your own body, being with another woman is absolutely exhilarating!

So what would you like to do?
Getting to know each other or immediately ripping our clothes off? Perhaps you're filled with curiosity, or just looking for something new?
about a real heart-to-heart where you're the center of attention, entirely free from judgement. Today is all about you! You decide where and how far we'll take it. At your pace we'll explore all of your deepest desires! Whether you're into slowly and softly exploring each others body, or going all out with every toy in my arsenal (including a real 'sexmachine')

My delight is derived from your pleasure; I just love to tease, with looks, words, caresses, making you crave for more and more.

Personality  wise I'm calm, stable, and reliable. Usually slightly dominant but can also be submissive if you're taking charge.
After studying I decided to pursuit a freelance audiovisual career where I can fully satisfy my creativity whilst honoring my need for independence.
In my spare time I also love to photograph, create 3D models, open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy a good movie, or take a walk with my dog in the forest. Every now and then I also like to take on a DIY project.

I just love wearing sexy lingerie under my slightly tomboyish clothing, which, combined with my long brown hair accentuates my feminine curves.
Even though I'm just past 30, because of my youthful appearance people often assume I'm younger.

Tattoos: no
Piercings: no

Languages: Dutch, English

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Location Groningen

DIANA: (unavailable till september 2023)

"Hello beautiful woman!


Would you like to go on this adventure with me? To discover your desires and to clear your heart? I will quickly make you feel comfortable and together we will look for new tensions.


My name is Diana. A young woman of 21 years old from the south west of the Netherlands. I am about 1.75 tall, have brown hair and gray blue eyes with soft lips.


I have a very open personality, you can trust me with anything. I love to cuddle, but on the other hand, I can be very dominant. I also find it exciting to role-play. Let's have some fun fantasizing together!


Currently I teach modern foreign languages and besides that I am following a Masters Degree. 

I would be described as a funny, spontaneous, sweet and complimentary woman. 

I experience pleasure with many different types of women and age does not play a role in this for me. In every woman I see a beauty that appeals to me. In this way I can offer excitement but am I also willing to listen to anything that’s on your mind.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you! "


Lots of love,


Tattoos: no
Piercings: yes (1 nipple)

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: English, German, French

Location Nijmegen


"Would you like to pause the world and create our own magic bubble?
I’m Gigi and I want to discover your pleasure with you.
What does your body long for ? What do you feel you need even though it might feel difficult to tell me ? Let’s explore each others bodies.
I love to talk with you, to discover what you want but also to find out what  is going on inside your head.
Who are you? What do you love? What is something you might not like?

I’m a charming Belgian young woman with a Flemish accent, a great listener and a kind heart. I’m specialising in gender and sexuality and I’m very passionate about these subjects.
As much as sexuality is relational and has a social side, I also believe sexuality is a very important aspect of one’s being. I believe sex has a lot of healing properties and also it is a lot of fun. This is why I want to discover a new world with you. Let’s explore your sexual side and have fun together.
I don’t shy away from trying things you might find exciting to tell me. I can be sweet and soft or dominant and naughty.
On a date with me, I’ll take you on a carpet ride to the dream world you long for. Shall we get out of here?"

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: yes

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: Dutch, English and a little French

Trans people are welcome

Location Amsterdam

BAILEY (limited availabilty) 

"Dear & beautiful woman,
How lovely you're interested. My name is Bailey. I'm in my early thirties. My skin is the colour or sweet caramel and I'm curvy. Do you also love meaningful conversations, spiced up with laughter?

I'm highly educated, sensual and full of life. People call me a good listener, empathetic, and I know how to handle emotions, also after negative experiences.
I love to break taboo with you. A good conversation about desires and boundaries can be as sexy as bringing it into practice.

Sometimes I take the lead, but I also love you to do that. I like to switch between male and female energy, between warm and cold, soft and hard.

I gladly seduce you with words and (con)sensual soft touches. To feel the tension together and seek adventure. Shall we discover our sensuality together? Or may I desire, adore and spoil you?
It's your call..."

Tattoos: no
Piercings: no

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: Dutch, English

Trans people are welcome

Location Utrecht



I’m already exited to share something beautiful with you. Whether that’s a romantic bath, a sincere conversation, or a daring game. Or maybe you’d like to dance with me instead, or prepare dessert together- only to end up, sweetly and steamy, on the kitchen floor.

Don’t be afraid to ask, just be you! I relish you. No matter if you love hot and sensual dirty talk, gingerly discovering gentle touches, or the directness of something rough and urgent, your imagination will be boundlessly brought to life.

As for me, I am in my early twenties, tall, slim, have short hair, without tattoos and with optional nipple piercings. I adore lingerie and poetry. I read, write, and enjoy dressing up for you, in any way you like. My closet overflows with different styles, and you’ll often find me behind my sewing machine. As a masseuse, I could delight you with delicious touches both gentle and overwhelmingly intense. Together we’ll find the sensations you’ve been craving.

Our date is about you. About being the center of attention, without fear for judgement. About forgetting the world and indulging your wild side. How far do you want to take it, and at what pace? You’re in control, even when you let me take the lead. Let me adore you, let me satisfy you. Be curious, and I’ll show you the infinite joy of feminine pleasure.

Will you let me?"

Tattoos: no
Piercings: yes (nipple

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: Dutch, English

Location Rotterdam


"A date with me feels like velvet.
After I have left you could still vaguely sense the scent of wild roses lingering in your hair. My energy is like a smokey whisky in a boudoir.

Love the feeling of silk against my skin. Yet might also wear jeans to the Moulin Rouge. My will is strong and my heart very soft.

I am a sensualist, as an artist I love to enchant the world around me and create a little extra magic wherever I can. Like a lynx, I am sensitive to all the nuances of my surroundings, playful and a hunter.

I am 36 years old.  I love to wear soft fabrics with magical details and a little vintage here and there.
My hair is half long and dark, my eyes are green. My hands are skilled and warm, full of love and respect for your boundaries and timing. They are great at stroking your hair when your head rests on my lap while we talk about whatever is on your mind. Or they can softly go looking for adventure.

Going on sexy adventures together is absolutely amazing, but of course trust and feeling safe comes first. So please talk to me about whatever you want and ask me anything. Do you feel safe and comfortable with me? Then we can make it as exciting as you wish;)

Kink and bdsm are very dear to my heart. Are you submissive or curious to explore this part of yourself? I would love to discover this with you!"


Is neurodiversity a theme for you? Are you autistic and is it influencing your sexuality? You are so very welcome:) I have the experience and knowledge to help you feel safe and seen.

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: no

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: Dutch, English

Trans people are welcome

Location Utrecht


I am a native English speaker but with Dutch roots. In my daily life I work in mental health care with sexual traumas.
From my own experience and my profession, I observe that talking is not always enough for the healing process. Creating a safe environment for you to heal, explore and rediscover your sexuality in a way that feels good for you, is a strength of mine. 

Fantasies are such a wonderful and exhilarating gifts yet can feel scary at the thought of bringing them into reality.
Believe me when I say you are not alone in your fantasies. You have unique needs and desires, whether this is the likes of regression, dominance, company, intellect, or soft tender touch.
I implore you to take the step in expressing your desires and trust in me that I will hold safe space for you. 

Everybody and every body will be respected and treasured. This is whether you have collected tiger stripes (stretch marks), battle wounds (scars), love handles, and no matter your shape, dis/ability, or age.

With my genderfluidity I get described as a boi in the streets and a girl in the sheets –
I’d love to show off my lingerie sets, or if you’d prefer, I will be braless with boxer shorts. I have short, dark blond hair, dark brown eyes, large soft breasts, and a curvy feminine body. I am a sensual person with a great attention to detail, especially when it comes to touch and reading body language.

I look forward to going on this journey with you xx

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: yes (belly button)

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: Dutch, English

 Location Utrecht


"Hi there gorgeous,
I’m excited to see you here!
I would love to get to know you and together with you, explore your deepest desires, all at a pace that you’re comfortable with. I would love to provide you with the warm and sensual touches only a woman can give. Start with a dare and a tease, to make things as wild as you please ;)
I'm an empath and I can sense your boundaries as we play, so even if you find communication difficult, I will make sure you feel at ease at all times.
I can be loving, soft and tender and besides the fact that i love long, slow and intimate kisses, i also enjoy turning (soft) pain into pure pleasure

My name is Ayla and I am 30 years old. I have long, black curls and hazel eyes and with 1,55 meters I’m quite possibly more tiny than most people you know. I love to dress as young-spirited as I feel: you will most likely see me wearing my Vansor Doc Martens and the most common piece of clothing in my closet would be a crop top, with here and there a dress

I had a conservative religious upbringing, so I understand how difficult, insecure and lonely it can feel when those around us have difficulties accepting our sexuality, and thus our identity and all that makes us. I know what it feels like to have to choose between those dearest to you or your very self, to have to witness this dilemma that many in this heteronormative society never have to face. It can be an enormous relief to know you are not alone in this, and to have someone to exchange your story with, finding people going through the same difficulties has really helped me be where I am today. In case you deal with lots of unanswered questions I’m happy to lend you a listening ear. I’ve been through quite some things in life and I’m here to listen, without any judgement. In the end, it’s our experiences that shape us and we should only be proud of where they will take us today and tomorrow!
Currently, I am studying development studies and I love to engage myself in the fight to equal rights for women, queer people and minorities. Besides my studies I have a lot of hobbies to keep me busy, amongst which are playing guitar, drawing, cooking, poetry, longboarding and skateboarding. If you are interested, I would love to share my hobbies with you!
I wanna feel your hand in mine,
Feel our bodies intertwine,
As our lips slowly meet,
I want you to tell me what you need,
I am here to make your wildest desires come true
Darling, when will i see you? ;)

Tattoos : yes (lots)
Piercings : tongue, nose, septum & tunnels

Languages : Dutch, Turkish, English

By videocall confirmed bookings only
Hotel dates only

Location Amsterdam


LEE (currently not available)

“No one has to be perfect before they can experience pleasure and fun.’’

Before we start, we'll have a chat where I ask you some questions to get to know you and your body. For example, are trying something for the first time or not? Are there any physical complications? This could be a sore back from a long day of work or a (non-visible) disability. Either way I'd like to know. I’ll make sure to do check-ins later as well, as consent and comfort are key.

In a positive atmosphere we explore your desires. It is because of my curious nature that I love to fulfill fantasies. For me there is no room for body and kink shaming when it comes to sex, intimacy and play. From romance to kinky, from vanilla to BDSM, from tongue to vibrator and from fingers to butt plugs; it makes me happy. Of course vanilla (taking it soft, slow and sweet) can be an equally great experience. How about playing with our clothes still on? Or a massage with oil from a pleasant-smelling massage candle?
In case you have requested something more specific (fetish/kink), I don't need to know why you want it, my focus is simply to create the best experience possible. I am down to earth and patient so we can talk about anything.

I am a tall woman with gentle curves, my body is soft yet sporty. I have blue eyes and light brown, medium length hair. I have a sweet face and my body has some big and surprising tattoos. I make sculptures, so my hands are strong, skilled and sensitive. To relax, I like to listen to soul music or cook for others. People describe me as natural, open-minded and sympathetic."


Tattoos: yes
Piercings: no

Bookings: 1 day in advance

Languages: Dutch, English

Location Amsterdam



Sensual gentle touch. I caress your hands
softly while we get to know eachother. Slowly we build up a tension, and whenever you're ready, my hands will follow yours, feeling your body in places where you long to feel my touch. My lips will follow...

Are you nervous? Don't worry. Everything will be okay. We hold on to your pace.
Consent, trust and safety are the base. We will seek and find one another in pleasure and enjoyment

My name is Blue, halfway in my twenties. I have blue eyes and short blond hair. I'm slim and tall, especially when wearing my stripper heels. This is one of my passions; dancing.
I love to dance, preferably to music by Tanerélle. I love to feel the way music and passion manifest in my body when I dance. Would you like a sensual striptease, or a passionate lapdance to get in the mood? I am happy to dance for you. What are your fantasies? What are you dreaming of? What do you want to feel? What do you want to (re)discover? I'd love to know. Don't you have the answers to these questions? That's not a problem either. Let's find out together. I can lead you, make the first move, or I can follow you. Giving you a special time excites me. I look forward to meet you!"


Tattoos: yes
Piercings: yes (nose)

Bookings: 1 day in advance
Languages: Dutch, English, Italian

Location : Utrecht



"For a unique time with an eccentric lesbian, if you're in the mood for the most relaxing soft evening you can imagine, getting massaged allover, connect while your body relaxes, cuddle and caress eachother, or if you're more into rough heated, ripping off clothes in the first minute sex, and disappearing in passion together; I'm your woman.
I'm slender with curves, tattoos, piercings, late twenties, bright, rainbow colored hair, very feminine with a rough edge.
I like to have fun and I have a bubbly energy. I really love to laugh, sing and dance. And also have intellectually stimulating conversations about philosophy, science,  or just about life, nice and cosy on the couch together, cuddling and talking.

I will respect all your boundaries and try to feel what you would and wouldn't want.
I have boundaries myself, like that I don't take pleasure in vaginal penetration. And I don't need it to have an amazing sex life. If you have vaginismus I'm the perfect person to show you how to have a great time.

I look forward to disappearing in our little bubble together and really enjoy our time, and make memories for a life time"

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: yes

Bookings: 1 day in advance
Languages: Dutch, English

Location: The Hague


My name is Beau and I’m in my mid twenties.
I love all forms of intimacy, from meaningful conversations and sensual kissing to kink and BDSM.
Usually I am a little more dominant, but that makes it even more fun to also give up control now and then. Fulfilling your desires or discovering what they are together is what I enjoy most. It is really important to me that you feel comfortable, so I pay a lot of attention to how you are feeling and what your limits and boundaries are.
With me there is plenty of room for lust and passion, and I find openness and an appropriate dose of humour just as sexy.
Music plays an important role in my life. You will never see me leave the house without my headphones and I have a good playlist ready for every occasion. I can also spend hours listening to podcasts on topics such as sex, gender, kink and feminism. 

My masculine appearance goes along with a gentle, caring and patient personality. I am non-binary, I’ve had top surgery and I use hormones (testosterone). Because of this, I know what it is like to discover your sexuality and/or gender identity, how difficult and beautiful it can be at the same time. I can take this into account and lend an ear. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to be yourself without having to talk about it or explain anything and of course that's possible too.
I hope to meet you soon!
Lots of love, ...

Tattoos: no
Piercings: yes

Bookings: 1 day in advance
Languages: Dutch, English

Location: Amsterdam



"My name is Lennon, which means ‘lover’ - a more perfect name for me couldn’t exist. 

Intimacy is one of the sweetest ways to connect to ourselves and each other.
For me, queerness has allowed me to explore sensuality and sexuality away from the norms of society. Who are we when we allow ourselves to be authentic? With me, you can be who you are. All your feelings, all your wishes, every side of you, is welcome. For you, I can be an enticing adventure, a luxurious sensual experience or a comforting, warm bath you slide into after a hard day.

Do you know what you want? If you have struggled with boundaries and desires, I would love to support you in the process of connecting to your body and truly feeling your wishes. If you know exactly what you want, whisper it in my ear - I was born to please. I really feel devoted to honouring each and every body, and each and every desire. You’ll hear me describe myself as highly responsive - I want to hear what you tell me and give you what you crave, whether that’s a good conversation, a massage or a charged sexual encounter.

I’m in my mid-twenties, tall, slender and covered in tattoos. The only label that really feels fitting is ‘queer'. I am who I am, soft, tough, flowing and expansive.
Do you want to explore with me? I would love to know you."

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: nose

Bookings: 2 days in advance
Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish

Location: Amsterdam


"Dear woman,

My name is Freya (33), after the Norse goddess of sexuality, lust, magic and fierce battles.
But I look more like a Greek goddess; dark shoulder-length hair, deep dark eyes, full lips and a soft, creamy body.
I feel super feminine with my dark, curly pubic hair and smooth, soft lips. My pit hair is also just the way it naturally is.
I want to share my divine fire and magic with you. Completely, intensely, and raw. But it may also be tender, slow and gentle. I want to show you how wonderful it is to be touched, and to touch.
Getting to know each other's body, and getting more intimate, bit by bit. Everything at your pace.

In my daily life, I am a psychologist and can listen well. I'm sensitive and tune in on your needs. You're welcome with all you bring. I love depth, intensity, good conversations, skinnydipping in the sea, and dancing barefoot.
I love the game of seducing or being seduced. To watch each other seems wonderful to me, my finger tips caressing your neck softly, your hand on my back ... "

Tattoos: yes
Piercings: nose

Bookings: 1 day in advance
Languages: Dutch, English

Location: The Hague

Almost available, just a little patience...;)


Dearest reader, I am Bliss -- and that's really all you need to know ;-)

You came here looking for an experience, and that's exactly what I'm offering. Let's explore and enjoy every measure of pleasure our bodies have to offer. I can take the lead if you'd like, but I welcome your initiative as well. Either way, we'll only dance the steps we both feel comfortable with.

A little something about me: I'm a curious & curvy bisexual woman, with a warm personality and a cheeky smile. I enjoy many forms of touch and especially love giving massages. My touch can be gentle, firm, or anywhere in between. Your pleasure is my desire and I look forward to discovering what you like, because I truly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their body, and I am always happy to help them do so.
On a final note, please know that I have experience with many kinds of bodies and also with different kinds of (neurodivergent) minds. I will always do my best to meet you where you're at and listen to what you need to feel (more) at ease.