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Note: after 5pm bookings for that same day are not possible because the preperation time of the ladies

(available 1/9/2020)

"Hello you,

My name is Lea, I am a 26-year old feminine, thin and tall woman with long brown hair, full lips and green eyes. I am kind, smart, sensual, open and caring.

I would love to discover together with you how you can feel good and at home in your own body. I am good at listening, but I also know of many playful techniques to discover your true desires.

Practicing consent is crucial to me. If you have any insecurities or fears, I would love to work through them with you in order for you to have the most intimate and safe encounter possible. I have a lot of theoretical and practical experience in helping others in healing from sexual trauma, difficult events, or insecurities through sexuality and sensuality.

I love a slow build-up, long kisses, and deep conversations. I would love to spoil you, please you and tease you - slowly, deeply and consciously.

I hope to hear from you,


Location: Amsterdam

piercings: yes
tattoos: yes
bookings: limited availabilty

Trans women are welcome


Hi, my name is Nousha.
I'm half Dutch/half American, highly educated, in my early thirties.
I have long brown hair and an enticingly slender, feminine frame. Dancing, long hikes in nature, reading, and playing with my adorable cats are some of the things I love to do.

Perhaps because I was raised between two cultures I have different sides within me. I'm sweet and tender, caring and sincere, with nothing giving me greater joy than pleasing you.

Or do you dare to summon my darker side? Let me take you by the hand to bring you to the cusp of pain and pleasure.
Through loving domination I will allow you to express your desires to the fullest, those you have dreamed about for ages and those you didnt't even know you had.

Note that throughout any type of play I prioritize your limits and safety as well as my own.
Explore yourself with me, use me for your pleasure and your pleasure will be mine. Let me take you on an adventure!"

Location: Amsterdam

piercings: no
tattoos: no
bookings: 6 hours in advance

Trans women are welcome


"Hi beautiful woman,

Are you desiring some time and attention for yourself?

I am Linde, a Dutch young woman in her middle twenties. I have long, blonde wavy curls, green-blue eyes, and voluminous, soft lips. My personality is often described as sweet, caring, social and open-minded.
In my presence, you will feel comfortable easily. I am college-educated with a passion for psychology and societal issues, like feminism and social inequality. Next to this, I love dancing (burlesque) and giving erotic massages. I would like to show this to you!

 Will you allow me to let you relax and enjoy?

Do you want to discover together with me what feels good for yóu?

I will take you on an adventure while seducing you with my sensual, soft body and my mysterious gaze. Also, I like to be seduced by your beauty and curiosity. You may decide which side I will show to you: soft and sensual or a little more dominant? I enjoy it when you enjoy it.

Your wishes and boundaries are the most important to me. Safety and trust are central to me. You can be yourself with me.
Of course, I understand that it can be a little scary and exciting to meet me and to uncover yourself. I would like to let you experience how good it feels to finally make the first step. With patience, I will help you to relax, discover and enjoy fully so that you will never forget our time together.

I am looking forward to meet you!"

Location: Nijmegen

piercings: no
tattoos: yes
bookings: 1 day in advance

(Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday not available)


"I am Jacqui, an slender and dynamic woman in her late 20's. I have glasses, an innocent smile and a light French accent. I originally come from France but I left Paris behind to discover more about life and about myself. Lost in the canals in Amsterdam I share my time between yoga, meditation and different projects about sexuality.


I like nature and the city, simple and refined things, silence and activity. I am a good listener and I enjoy meeting new people. Caring I will give all my attention to you and your wishes.

Interesting conversations turn me on and I like breaking taboos. Tell me all your fantasies and together we will explore your hidden dreams. I get a kick from kink and I enjoy both dominant and submissive roles.


Whether you are trans or with a disability, you are more than welcome to me. It doesn't matter how much experience you have together we will enjoy adventurous moments at your own pace"


A bientôt ;)

Location: Amsterdam

piercings: no
tattoos: no
bookings: 6 hours in advance

Trans women are welcome

Je suis Jacqui, une femme mince et dynamique en fin de vingtaine. Je porte des lunettes et le
sourire innocent.
Française d'origine, j'ai laissé Paris derrière pour explorer autant la vie que moi-même. 


J'aime la nature et la ville, les choses simples et raffinées, le silence et le mouvement. 

J'ai une bonne écoute et j'adore rencontrer de nouvelles personnes. 

Attentionnée, je suis là pour toi et tes désirs.

Les conversations intéressantes m'excitent et j'aime briser les tabous, alors raconte moi tes fantasmes et ensemble partons à leurs explorations ! J'aime aussi le sexe kinky et je prends du plaisir à la fois dans un rôle dominant que dans la soumission...


Trans ou avec un handicap ? Tu es la bienvenue avec moi. Peu importe que tu aies de l'expérience ou non, ensemble nous allons vivre des aventures, toujours selon ton propre rythme. 


A bientôt !


‘‘Creating a beautiful moment together, to look back on, with a smile upon your face...

What goes through you mind, if you read this?
Dine together, taking a warm bath, or enjoy a good glass of wine.
Or to experience a nice sexual tention, and to be intimate together within your boundaries.

I like it, when you surprise me, show me what you like. If you prefer me to take the lead, I am happy to do so. I will make sure that you are comfortable and able to enjoy that what you have been dreaming about for so long.
It will surprise you how natural it will feel...

Curious about how I look? I am a beautiful, tall, slim women and 30 years old. Long brown hair with blue eyes. Highly educated, I like arts and crafts, I am spiritual and sensitive but I can be fierce as well ;)"

Kiss Scarlett

Location: de Meern

piercings: yes
tattoos: no
bookings: 6 hours in advance


"I told my eyes all my life to see beauty everywhere – and, let me tell you, they really do: that is my call; with Eros as fire in my soul and my hips, my whole body is eager to court you with the deeper respect: only if you please. Consent is perennial key.

And if you’re a bit afraid, there’s no need to refrain, let’s go slowly, and check on the way.

May a massage roll out our road, or maybe a warm dance wake up your dream.

Whether your desire is urban or wild, mine is wrapped around your lips, willing to follow your beat.

Nyx is my name, and I am almost thirty years of age. My body is slender, and my flowing locks are long and brown. My hair grows as freely, just as my heart smiles.

Out of my palms, if you feel like it, you will receive Reiki as well. From my tarot deck, if you dare, fluttering cards poised to reveal their portents.

I am a playful and queer being: I delight in toys, different roles, welcoming, and giving too. And whether you approach with implacable hunger, shy curiousity, or fun-loving confidence, I hope you remember, I’m here not to judge.

Behind the foliage of this proud femme you may find the hard contours of masculine as well, hidden from view in this binary world.I'm here, I'm gentle, I am wild; let's caress and roar for the times that rise.

Now, will you let me blow some magic on your neck, sweetheart?"

Chiedo da sempre ai miei occhi di vedere la Bellezza ovunque, ed è questo ciò che fanno: questa è la mia chiamata; l'Eros mi è fuoco, nello spirito e nelle anche, e il mio corpo, tutto, brama corteggiarti, nel più profondo Rispetto: solo se se lo desideri. Il Consenso è perenne chiave.

E se è un po' di paura quella che senti, non c'è bisogno di trattenersi, possiamo andare piano, e tastare il terreno lungo la via.

Un massaggio potrà aprirci la strada, o forse una calda danza potrà risvegliare i sogni.

Che il tuo desiderio sia urbano o selvatico, il mio è avvolto attorno alle tue labbra, determinato a seguire il tuo battito.

Nyx è il mio nome, e quasi trenta sono i miei anni. Il mio corpo è snello, e la mia fluente chioma è lunga e castana. La mia peluria cresce libera, così come libero il mio cuore sorride. Dai miei palmi, se lo vorrai, potrai ricevere il Reiki. Dal mio mazzo di tarocchi, se oserai, carti svolazzante saranno pronte a rivelare i loro portenti.Sono un'essere queer e giocoso: mi diletto con giocattoli e ruoli differenti, dando come accogliendo. E sia che il tuo approccio giunga con implacabile fame, timida curiosità, o fiducia divertita e stuzzicante, spero tu possa ricordarti che io non sono qui per giudicare.

Dietro al fogliame di questa fiera femme potrai trovare anche la durezza che contorna la mascolinità, nascosta dallo sguardo di questo mondo binario.

Sono qui. Sono gentile. Sono selvatica. Sono pronta ad accarezzarti e a ruggire, per il tempo che sarà.

Ed ora, posso sussurrare un po' di magia sul tuo collo, sweetheart?


Tattoos: yes
Piercings: none

Languages: English, Italian (native), Portuguese (brasileiro), Castilian, French (en peu rouillé)

Location Utrecht
Bookings: 6 hours in advance


“What would it be like to have your fantasies come true?

I would like to show you new experiences. Let you discover sides of yourself that you never knew before. My full attention is with you.  

Whether it's your first time or your hundredth time. With me you can be who you are. I enjoy creating new experiences, I am interested and creative and I like to use my creativity to respond to your intimate and sexual desires.

Making contact, realizing your fantasies, and respecting your boundaries are important to me.

Experiencing bdsm is also possible with me, at your pace. The use of toys and different types of scenarios are all possible. Let me guide you and we will turn it into a beautiful game.  

I am mid 30's, half Spanish, masculine with short dark hair and brown eyes.

I have a University degree, with a passion for art, and my queer identity is important to me in daily life.


I'm looking forward to meet you"

Location The Hague (Den Haag)

Tattoos: yes

Piercings: yes
, many
Bookings: 6 hours in advance


"Even if you're familiar with your own body, being with another woman is absolutely exhilarating!

So what would you like to do?
Getting to know each other or immediately ripping our clothes off? Perhaps you're filled with curiosity, or just looking for something new?
about a real heart-to-heart where you're the center of attention, entirely free from judgement. Today is all about you! You decide where and how far we'll take it. At your pace we'll explore all of your deepest desires! Whether you're into slowly and softly exploring each others body, or going all out with every toy in my arsenal (including a real 'sexmachine')

My delight is derived from your pleasure; I just love to tease, with looks, words, caresses, making you crave for more and more.

Personality  wise I'm calm, stable, and reliable. Usually slightly dominant but can also be submissive if you're taking charge.
After studying I decided to pursuit a freelance audiovisual career where I can fully satisfy my creativity whilst honoring my need for independence.
In my spare time I also love to photograph, create 3D models, open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy a good movie, or take a walk with my dog in the forest. Every now and then I also like to take on a DIY project.

I just love wearing sexy lingerie under my slightly tomboyish clothing, which, combined with my long brown hair accentuates my feminine curves.
Even though I'm just past 30, because of my youthful appearance people often assume I'm younger.

Location Veendam

Tattoos: no

Piercings: no

Bookings: 6 hours in advance

Trans women are welcome