A very warm welcome from the ladies of

"de Stoute Vrouw"
(the Naughty Woman)


Woman/Woman only
Company & Escort

There's an exclusive & powerful woman's world
in the Netherlands...

Are you in the mood for the pleasurable and naughty company of a woman?
Smile, because this is the place to be.
My name is Lex. I'm a lesbian woman, who thought it was about time for a legal, exclusive escort agency for woman/woman experiences only.

exclusively meant for women,
given by LBT-women,
legal, safe, and personal.



What we stand for? A personal approach, respect, mutual consent, excitement, sensuality, sex, overheated conversations, experimenting, guidance, womenpower... and so much more; everything that makes women so incredibly great.
Share your most beautiful fantasy, your wildest dream, your naughtiest desire. The ladies of the Naughty woman are here, because they are pioneers, love women, love adventure and feel strongly about setting a new standard:
women should feel free to express sex and desires

Read this amazing and lovely story of one of the ladies of the naughty woman on Vice.com...




Ask for our possibilities to let you experience a heavenly, erotic and sensual (maybe your first) time with a beautiful woman.
We offer the delights of (Dutch) women, age from 22 up to over 50.
Do you identify as straight, bi, femme, butch, stud, chapstick, sporty, trans woman, non-binairy or don't you like labels ; the ladies are passionate to meet your needs.
Of course there are pictures. You're welcome to ask.

 We are happy to make your stay in the Netherlands

No Need.
It's our pleasure to fulfill  your needs and desires.
Special requests? First time? Always fantasized about a woman, or two ? BDSM interest? You want to experience toys, or just tender soft women-cuddles?

You had a bad experience and feel nervous to be intimate again?  Tell us...you're not the only one.

First time?
You probably glanced at women, and wondered how your lips would fee, if they'd touch hers...how her smile would lighten up your heart feeling her body...
The first time... the anticipation .....we all have been there, we know  how it feels...

Ever had a face to face, sensual, naughty conversation with a woman?
Maybe it's time you should.

Especially for you we offer a teaser date:
You get the chance to explore your feelings in a comfortable, relaxed setting. No pressure or need to prove yourself in any way.;
You don't go all the way
, a little kiss, a hand subtly touching your skin..
Just having a drink, a flirt and intense sexy female tension to go with it..

The ladies speak English fleuntly. Some of them also French/Italian. A few introduce themselves in Enlglish. 
Please also feel free to share your preferences. For example the type of woman you would like to meet: a femme, a butch, someone in between. If you have no idea what that means; no problem, ask me. If you know exactly what it means, you know how important the right one is.
Age, assertive, maybe a bodytype, tattoos/piercings or not, let me know.

Perhaps you're interested in BDSM, starting to, or it's already your way of life. Nikki and Dana are the ladies to meet then.

A tantric massage
, doesn't only sound good; it is.
A soft-BDSM massage doesn't only sound exciting; it is
Anastasia is our massage specialist.

Ever dreamed about a threesome? You most certainly are not the only one. Oh yes, women are playful and experimenting creatures.
With your partner, or... two naughty women. Getting the compossition, the vibe, the dynamics, exactly right..that's our pleasure..


*Regular date: €215,00 per hour
All hours booked upfront, are 215 per hour

booking  unexpected, extra hours during the date to proceed the date is of course possible. The rate of that hour is 245, and should be paid upfront the start of that  extra hour.

*Massage: €180,00 per 75 minutes

*A teaser date: €160,00 per hour

*Threesome per two hours

with 2
of our ladies                          


with 1 of our ladies and a partner of your own      550,00

*Travel expenses are not included; depending on where the woman is located:

Reservations need to be confirmed by phonecall > caller ID on.

If you have a great time and you decide during the date you really would like the lady to stay longer than originally planned, that is possible.
That next hour is €245 and will be paid in advance of that a hour, cash only.


More press about the Naughty Woman

Please don't hesitate to contact me.
It is my pleasure to give you all the information you desire
Lex x

On a serious note...
How sad and awfull it when someone had a bad sexual experience in their life and professional psychological help is necessary.
At some point in your life is talking about it, isn't enough anymore.
Trying to enjoy intimacy again is a huge part of healing. But how to realize that in a safe way, with trust, with patience?
The gentle and understanding hands of a woman can maybe help you with that.
If you feel you're ready to slowly feel that joy again, please know that, also for you, we are here. The ladies of "de Stoute Vrouw" have succesfully guided many women in their personal proces to ,learn to enjoy again.
You will be in complete control; make the rules, make the decisions.
Everything at your pace , your comfort.

contact: daily from 9.00 until 21.00 (Amsterdam time)

+31 6 29523423
Mail: destoutevrouw@gmail.com

FB: de stoute vrouw

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