Hi guys
Welcome to a website of a company where it is all about women...

Sooo, here you are, wandering about on a site for lesbian escorts.
You are here for the right reasons? Right?
You want to surprise a woman you know with a giftcard from the "Naughty Woman", right?
That is very delightful, open-minded, thoughtfull and sweet.
I mean that. Especially if that woman is your partner. It takes sincere love to let someone you love experience something you can't give. My compliments and respect.

You're not one of those many, many, many guys who contact me every week to tell me, that their wife is bisexual and that she would like a date, and now you want to surprise her with sex, right?

There are apparantly men who think it is normal to decide for their partner they are going to be intimate, with whom, when and where.

"surpriiiiise honey! Look, here is a woman, you're going to have sex with her! I chose her for you, yes, right now, yes right here, I made it one whole hour hon, that's like a lifetime, in our book...
enjoy it"

let me get one thing very clear:



You participating is not possible



You cannot decide for another human being to be intimate, when to intimate and with whom. You cannot pick someone for her



About the brilliant giftcard; you can make it as lovely and wild as you wish. You decide the value, and I'll make sure she's going to thank you for it ;)