Vaginismus & intimacy


You clicked the link about vaginismus in Liv's bio, perhaps because you experience that yourself or because you know someone who does, either way, good to have you here!
You might know you're not the only one, but now you know for sure.

Involuntary pain during sex/intimacy is the last thing you want. Great sex shouldn't hurt if you dont want it to do.
Liv likes to show you, you too can have a wonderful and creative sex life when having vaginismus.

When your pelvic floor muscles don't cooperate with your mind, that's quite an impactful fact in your experience. Maybe you know the reason, maybe you have no clue. When you reached out for professional help, you should definitely keep on doing that.

But, meanwhile you maybe long for touch, a safe sexual encounter without constantly having to explain yourself or worry about the patience level of your partner..
No obligations, which of course goes for all our dates. Consent is key, every step of the way, always. Being intimate with a woman who experiences the same condition can be relaxing. Especially if you feel (unjustified) shame.
Some women live their whole life with vaginismus, others experience it temporarily.

No matter your situation, you're invited to find out if we can mean something for you.